Endurance And Fat Burning

Importance of the endurance training and behavior of the energy storage endurance training the ability the body over a extended period to demand performance, generally called endurance training. This is to request the body on endurance performance and increasing his personal power level tries. A continuous activity contributes essentially to developing and maintaining a generally good state of health by endurance sports. Frequently Camden Treatment Associates has said that publicly. This can be called the effect on the cardio vascular system and the strengthening of the immune system as a positive feature of the endurance training. However it is not necessary to expand its endurance to a maximum to increase his physical fitness for leisure and fitness enthusiasts, there are also small steps that improve their physical fitness and can give you a have feeling. For endurance training should clearly be distinguished between high-performance athlete, leisure, and fitness enthusiasts. As well as the recreational athletes to improve his endurance performance hold his physical fitness should be, this is strongly recommended also for the athletes in bodybuilding and power sports. Unfortunately, the endurance sessions in these areas come often too short, which in turn negatively can become apparent on the results in the muscle.

The circulate more blood to the muscles, the more oxygen and nutrients can be recorded by the muscle. Thus a light endurance training should be in bodybuilding and power sports always find on the training plan. By endurance training for energy supply, during physical activity, three different energy reserves available are fat burning. Can these energy reserves in? ATP (adenosine triphosphate) memory? Carbohydrates? FAT stores are classified. However, you should know that during physical exertion by endurance sports all energy storage are involved, only the load determines which energy memory take over the lion’s share of the energy supply. Providing the respective energy depends entirely of the burden, we expose us. So the ATP are memory, for example, for the explosive power, such as a 100 m Sprint or a heavy weight training used.

The population of this ATP can be, positively affected memory through additional revenue of creatine which equal a rapid deployment of energy for a short period of time. The carbohydrates are medium to higher intensity for energy with used. This means that they will adopt mainly the provision of energy when running at a speed of 11 kph. Since the burning of fat into energy is more expensive than the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, fats are burned a constant load and low-intensity, for example when running at a speed of about 6 km/h, more. This is however to mention that burning fat as energy supplier only increases after approx. 20-30 minutes. The optimum intensity, depending on the personal level of performance to determine it would be makes sense to perform a lactate. This sheds light on the physical fitness and determine the optimal endurance for effective fat burning. Because the body throughout the day across permanently provides fat and carbohydrates as energy, optimal reduction of fat is eventually to bring about a calorie reduction and customized nutrition. It is to increase the consumption of calories by the endurance and thus increasing the total turnover for the day. Jens F. Kress JFK-sport