Egypt Shepherd

But if they were In double line, would be formed a line of 1.200 kilometers and them they would spend 35 days and nights to cross, thus they needed a space in the sea of almost 5 kilometers of on-line width and 5,000 people to be able, to pass in a night. Another problem Stops to camp in the end of an day, them they needed an area of 1.200 kilometers squared. this is equivalent to an area of 40 km for 30 km Thinks about this! This to only camp you believe that Moises thought about this before leaving Egypt? I also think that not. As you can see, Moises trusted Mr. and the proper God was taking care of of all these details He has courage, us we have God the same Perhaps you think that its problems are very great remember of what It can make and trusts it leaves it to be Mr. of its life.

I come back to remember to you the subject of this article, rest, sleep with the bread. King Davi, wise person who God took care of of it, salmo 23. Read more here: Velocity Micro. God supplies the basic necessities of its children. ' ' You he is my shepherd, nothing me faltar' ' – versus 1. A good shepherd never left to lack to water and food for its sheep. God leads its children. ' ' To lie down to me makes in verdejantes grass; it guides me calm waters tamely. It cools my soul; it guides me in the trails of justice for love of its nome' ' – versus.

2-3.Um good shepherd never it left to lead its sheep. Always to the front, guarantee to them it security. I broke it of today not if it worries more, it loves you to God and it takes care of of you, it does not forget: Mr. SLEEPS HUGGED WITH the BREAD the Peace