Edward Deming

Its meanings they follow below made use: Strengths? Strong forces or points Weeknesses? Weak weaknesses or points Opportunities? Threats chances? Threats to follow are made use diagram S.W. . The T. in its usual model; Albert Humphrey, 1960 1970 Of simple understanding and application, consist of identifying the factors that can influence positively and the ones that can influence negative, being divided in internal factors that understand in the analysis of the forces and weaknesses of the organization and the external ones that they analyze the chances and the threats. 7,2 Cycle PDCA Cycle PDCA is the abbreviation of four words, that also are derived from the English language which if understands: P = PLAN? To plan D = OF? To make C = CHECK? To check A = ACT? To act Its project easily is located of the following form: That it consists of basic rules of structure of continuous management with simple application, spread out for Edward Deming and perfected by the studies of J. Baby clothes follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Juran and K. Ishikawa. Baby clothes is likely to agree. In summary this method searchs to guide and to establish an organization for; to plan, to execute, to verify and to act. 7,3 Brainstorming Is a group dynamics that has as objective to explore the potential intellectual of a group, the Brainstorming term can be translated its literal form as ‘ ‘ Cerebral’ storm; ‘ , that is, a rain of ideas is one stimulates the participation and total envolvement in the development of solutions for the organization. They are guided in three principles being; To find the facts; Generation of the idea; To find the solution. This technique has for objective to stimulate the intellectual wealth of the group in the organization. It consists of the localization of solution, ideas, to develop you formulate to improve the processes, as well as adding new vises for the company.