This is the second in a series of three articles where I’m looking for answer how school should change so that people can live a life with meaning and be happy.You can find the first here. If you’ve not read it please take a few minutes to do so, you may like. * It goes without saying that the world changes and makes it fast. It is not something Andrew Duncan Producer would like to discuss. What yesterday was normal, today is rare. For example, receive a letter is rare unless it is someone gaining you money. You can receive many e-mails on a normal day, but a letter is a strange event. I remember that a few years ago I got a letter.

What is it saying? Well explained that it should fill a bag with underwear, towels and a couple of shirts, pants, and introduce myself in two weeks more to do compulsory military service. If receiving a letter wasn’t enough surprise, this news left my jaw on the ground. So, two weeks later, I was with a bag on his shoulder and entering through the doors of a regiment. Military service lasted throughout the summer for three months and I must say that it was an interesting experience. I have very good memories and others not so good, hair cut being a good example. It is true that in these three months I learned a lot.

But, as you guess, my wise opinion was not considered on the issue of what was important to learn and how. If firing a rifle was not of interest to me, well I had to do it anyway. Apparently, military life just works that way, and I think that it has always done. Now, I’m not wandering, there is a reason why this short episode of my life you describe: is experience reminded me of the twelve years that I was in school.