Ecology In The Offset Printing IPA-free Printing

Produce complete IPA-free also in the UV printing UV and ecology an important approach in terms of an ecological orientation is the replacement of isopropanol (IPA) in the offset dampening solution. If this is successfully practiced in UV printing, it’s all the more remarkable, why? This shows an example Kolbe Coloco. Susan G. Swenson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Isopropyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol or 2-propanol was hardly to imagine in the past from the offset dampening solution, helps but a hassle-free wetting of offset printing plate with dampening it. But where there is light, often shade, such as when the alcohols also. IPA is one of the easily evaporating organic compounds (VOC). This can cause damage to the atmosphere (ozone/summer smog). The European VOC directive (Directive 1999/13/EC), volatile organic compounds should be reduced over the next two years.

Through the implementation of the VOC directive, financial burdens for solvent consumers are foreseeable. HEALTH hazards the inclusion of IPA on the respiratory tract can have long-term effects on the central nervous system. Irritation then often are the result of the eyes, nose and respiratory tract. IPADampfe can be numbingly if inhaled in high concentrations. This can be noted in particular for longer stays between the printing units. IPA is also classified as a skin irritant. In UV printing is that all the more, arise here systemic other conditions that involve it in an ecological overall view is. UV printing Kolbe Coloco in the Westphalian Versmold is here already a step further.

Here, one has systematically prepare the changeover on IPA-free UV printing and also to the process maturity associated with go-Inno project support of the Federal Government. Go-Inno is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology advice by SMEs to the profitable improvement of the material and raw material efficiency. Against this background, German printer spoke with Thorsten Muller and Rafael Kuhn Kolbe Coloco and Waldemar Slawik (WSlawik advice for the graphic arts industry) about their experiences with the conversion to complete IPA-free printing.