Duke Region

Why Leopoldina? The famous Sergio, A real mess Port, says that ' ' Leopoldina owner turned trem' '. The newspapers mentioned Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. not as a source, but as a related topic. Noronha Santos and Charles Dunlop say that it was a homage to the Leopoldina Princess, son of Peter II. Barclays will not settle for partial explanations. Others, however (Rodriguez, Gerodetti, Cornejo, Fields and Hiss), say that the name elapses, in the truth, of the mining city of Leopoldina, for where it passed the first branch of the railroad. Until there, all good. I say, this is the controversy on the origin of the name of the Railroad. But it will be that the Zone of the Leopoldina must its name to the railroad? I make this question because I read alhures that the origin could be in the name of Leopoldina Rego, descendant of Francisco Jose Pear tree I water (to see our article ' ' Pottery, the Club of the Street Bariri' '), legendary teacher who was famous for having established the first particular Pottery school, in 1900. Later, its father, Joo Gualberto Nabor Rego, ' ' Noca' ' , it opened in its lands a street with the name of the son, exactly throughout stretch of the line of the train, close to the Pottery station.

As the family it was soil proprietor great in the region the Leopoldina teacher gained fame, this is an interesting hypothesis, that would justify the name of the Zone at least the o Pottery quarter. We need to collate this information with the date of the arrival of the EF Leopoldina in the region. Then, the occupation of the Zone of the Leopoldina with residential concentrations started throughout the Railroad of the North, that broke of the San Francisco Station Xavier route the Meriti (current Duke of Caxias). It was a pertaining concession to Rio De Janeiro Northern Railway Company, that, in 23.10.1886, inaugurated stations in Bonsucesso, Ramos and Penha, in lands yielded for the families of the region (in Pottery had a simple ones stopped; a station alone was inaugurated in 1917).