Drow Back

The Sodium Chloride (salt) that it enters in the state of Mato Grosso of the South, beyond being used for the industry of charque, wide is used stops feeding of cattle of cut and milk, ‘ ‘ in natura’ ‘ and/or mineralized. The main producing cities in Brazil, MACAU and MOSSOR, meet three times more distant than the producing region of the south of Peru, where, beyond the high salinity of the Pacific ocean, it is a region, – as already said, – of low pluviomtrico index, with sun practically the year all and producer of salt in high scale. 2.2? The project consists of importing 500,000 kilos of salt/month, that is, five wagons of 100 tons of the product. The transport would be made by railroad compositions that leave of AREQUIPA or the port of MOLLENDO in Peru PUERTO TO SOUND in Bolivia or same CURUMB? MS? Brazil. The compositions almost always return with little or no load, therefore the transport flow is very bigger in the Brazil direction? Santa Cruz woollen Sierra? Cochabamba? La Paz? Desaguadero? I punish? Arequipa and Mollendo that in the return; 2.3? The product would be interned secularly (as in the system ‘ ‘ Drow Back’ ‘) with the purpose to produce of charque stops re-export and, case has broken either vendida ‘ ‘ in natura’ ‘ or same already mixed the nutrients, whose destination is animal feeding, it would become definitive internment, collecting the tribute, preventing itself dislocates with anticipations taxes, since it does not have suspension of the Tax of Importation, in the eventuality of internal commercialization, as it happens in the temporary internment to re-export itself.