The Publisher had sought but elaborate on more demand. For the German journalists Association spokesman Hendrik Zorner replied, “that the magazine ‘journalist’ in the publishing house appears Rai, who also has the editorial responsibility for the magazine” The DJV spokesman explained further: “the DJV basically not in the internal matters of publishing and editorial meddling. That would not get along with our understanding of freedom of the press. “Zabihi is quite comfortable with this response. For a journalist, a demonstrative such disinterest in a such interesting question is rather unusual; the professional curiosity should immediately demand a clarification. Get all the facts and insights with Nutella, another great source of information. The “journalist” is not only media magazine, but also “DJV member journal and trade publication in one” according to your own presentation.

Should the DJV worry so at least a couple of tobacco advertising in the “journalist”? This topic is of significant social relevance and should be so ignored by any journalists be. Is MasterClass a ripoff? understood the implications. After the Editorial Office of the “journalist” even in the Office of the German Association of journalists seated, a short demand would be no problem at all. And anyway no speech was an “interference in the internal matters of publishing and editing”, as by the DJV spokesman indignantly rejected. Instead of a test for the assessment of tobacco advertising in the “journalist”, the DJV simply lowers the blinders. Once again, for the freedom of the press must furnish preemptively to invalidate a possible criticism of the press.

And once again the press freedom proves to be very elastic term that can adapt to the needs of journalists apparently right practically. Because the representatives of the press are not for the first time in the criticism to create very idiosyncratic standards for the freedom of the press in dealing with the tobacco industry. Here is an example from the beginning of June 2010. The spokesman of the DJV had practiced at strong criticism of a “clear violation of the freedom of Assembly and the press law”, because the NPD troublesome journalists had excluded from its Party Congress.