Designer Albrecht

At the front are the precision of machining and a high-quality finishing. At the end of the production chain for Naidu, there is only a quality criterion: quality manual work in connection with the latest technology. In the 25 different bank models in the Rubik characterized modern steel fussbaenke”from. Add more 15 models from the series come traditional steel fussbaenke”. The combinations to all seating are endless as usual at NUSSER, looking for solutions from a single source. Also with a high delivery reliability. NUSSER models are usually very long on the market and can even after years still placed are.

Characteristics: Maximum reduction. All models of the two NUSSER steel fussbank series with these benefits stand out maximum functionality basically. But as particularly successful may you quite the nearly floating model SEDIS NUSSER Designer Albrecht corner watch. If you on a form no longer “without compromising the function, can reduce the design goal is reached”, he says to his design. With the same principle applies to the ELAN model.

Its designer Frank person this attaches great importance to a dynamic solution that breaks classic forms to enable a highly variable usage with you. And for exactly this variability and unlimited combination options is also the model PLAZA: thanks to different heights and all seating seat depths and several model types such as feudal elements in outdoor produce shoots. Form and benefits are limitless: whether as a steel feet with Rundrohen as in the model of consistency or as flat steel at the CITTa models or with square tubes as in the model of ROTHENBURG. The icing on the cake: Ecological manufacturing and packaging that a company like Naidu that engages innovative with its products in the public space, has of course also the environment at a glance, like while close, is not self-evident. The protection of nature is for Naidu, but an affair of the heart: in manufacturing as well as the sanitary facilities for the employees who use Winnender rainwater. The power produced by a photovoltaic system on the roof of the company is fed directly into the public grid and almost covers the companies annual demand of energy. And even in the packaging of their products is now only recyclable material that works with air cushions, to provide protection against any damage.