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Almost every industry and trading company has one or more fork truck in use the differences of the fork extensions for forklift trucks at a glance. With the right attachments the forklifts this can carry much more than only pallets – the fork stacker is all purpose helper in countless situations. Often the range of forklift tines but not sufficient and then there are two possibilities: either you replace the forks against completely new, longer forklift tines or use fork extensions. By forklift fork extensions an advantage over all-new forks is the greater flexibility on the one hand, because forklift fork extensions are much faster, as a pair of new forklift tines. At the same time, forklift fork extensions are much cheaper than brand new forklift tines. The prices for fork extensions range from 300 euros up to over 600 euros. But what is this huge price difference? On the one hand, you are Dimensions of fork extensions of course a cause for the price differences.

So, for example, fork extensions for forks cost with a width of 80 mm of less than comparable forklift fork extensions for forklift tines with a width of 120 mm. Applies also to the length of the fork extensions, so here can say the longer the higher is the price. A further and much more important difference is in the design of the Tine extensions for trucks. Distinction is made here between open and closed models, which closed the forklift fork extensions are hoherpreisig, as the open alternatives. The open fork extensions are open from below, whereas the closed models completely enclose the forklift tines.

This difference caused by the construction also ensures the different capacities of open and closed forklift tines extensions accordingly, that closed fork extensions is a much higher Load-bearing capacity, as have open models. For all forklift fork extensions for static reasons but that the forklift tines have always at least. 60% of the length of the fork extensions to, otherwise a use is not allowed. In addition, all fork extensions are ready to use in no time: you are simply recorded with the fork tines, secured with pins and you can go use the forklift fork extensions. Whether open or closed, all forklift tines extensions by manufacturers are ruggedly built and designed for intense commercial use. As other, qualiativ high-quality attachments, are also the forklift fork extensions with the necessary approvals and testing certificates, so that the use in accordance with the security policy is possible without any problems.