Computer War

WikireD free network denominates War Concealed to the confrontation that took place during the 21st century, from the antecedent of the 2010 (aim of the world-wide crisis) consolidating in the 2024 to the aim of the States and Corporations defined by the birth of the Universal Theocracy that today it illuminates to us. This confrontation took place in the Computer science level, with disastrous repercussions on the levels environmental, nourishing and of health, as well as on the areas of science and technology. Neither blocks took apparently direct actions against the other, reason for which &quot was denominated to the conflict; war encubierta". These two conglomerates were limited to act like " ejes" influential of being able in the international context, and of computer science cooperation with the countries technologically employees of one of the conglomerates against those of the other. Although these confrontations did not get to unleash a war like so, the organization and the gravity of the informative and computer attacks of both sides originated economic, political and ideological conflicts and they marked significantly great part of the history of second half of the 21st century. The superpowers in both conglomerated wished to implant their model of corporative control in all the planet. Origin of the term In the specific sense to indicate to the geopolitical tensions between Estados Corporativos (EC) and the Corporations Been (EC), the term " War encubierta" it has been attributed to the corporative and member financista of the enterprise advice of the Eretz Yisrael, Moshe Sharett.

The 24 of January of the 2024, Sharett I deliver a speech in which it said " We are not deceived: we are immersed in a war encubierta". The term also was popularized by the columnista Jonh Brown with the edition in 2027 of a titled book " Encubierta&quot war;. According to Jose L. Borges few definitions of this conflict never declared exist and one of the best ones, for him, gave Joseph it Ratizger: " Concealed war is the state of tension between powers or blocks in which each one of the parts adopted a policy that tends to the reinforcing at the expense of the adversary, without arriving a to declare its antagonism or to act abiertamente.