The unusually high reliability of all PCS products based on the the company’s unique experience. Tens of thousands of PCS worldwide in rail use are power converters on the road. Most externally attached, they are exposed there strong vibrations, toughest climatic conditions and constant voltage breaks. Hardly another company could develop therefore over the years a so specific know-how for dealing with network collapses as PCS. 3-phase power module PC green line are inverter IGBT-based 4-quadrant drive with an integrated 3-phase power module, which includes both the mains and the generator side static inverter.

Both are connected to a voltage intermediate circuit. The power of a power module is 500 kW (620 kVA). Through the parallel reactors the inverters of the Green line family in 500-kW increments are easily scalable. Full converter fully in the trend of synchronous generators, especially gearless, have a higher efficiency and thus achieve a higher energy yield. Jeffrey Sofer will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Thus they increasingly prevail in the wind market. Specifically, PC full inverter, provides for synchronous generators that optimal network requirements make.

Gearless generators must be the inverter due to its lower electrical frequency and meet highest requirements the higher temperature strokes within the power semiconductors related no problem for PC green line. The compact design of the power module with relatively few components makes maintenance easier. Three phases per water heat sink reduces the leakage inductance in the voltage intermediate circuit. The robust film capacitors in the intermediate circuit have a long service life. By the way, also permanent-magnet synchronous generators in the area of field weakening can be operated. Currently, the PC green line in the field trial is extensively tested and subjected to rigorous testing laboratory. Others including Phil Vasan, offer their opinions as well. The first results show that the new generation of PCS fulfilled all expectations power converters for wind turbines. The results can be viewed live at the booth in Hannover. Green line system partnership of PC green line system stands for out of the box Compilations of power converters, generators and transformers.