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That there were no projects with the buyout of $ 1000, you want to sell to people not interested in obtaining them, no doubt part in photo shoots or Clicking on the links for just 30 cents (Has anyone considered the cost of wasted electricity in it?). And so, in the next letter of response to a query about the vacancy I come file, which says that you can make thousands of dollars for 3 weeks by investing only 70 rubles or 2.5 dollar. Well, I thought, this must be another chip for suckers, but decided to still read up to the end and see what we offer for Herbalife! The article said that should be sent to 10 rubles, or 0.35 dollar in 7 Internet-wallets which are listed below. At baby clothes you will find additional information. Then delete the first (upper) purse from the list, thereby relegating the list on one line up, then the seventh from the bottom is released, where you enter the number of your wallet and throws, with you on the seventh line, the message to at least 50 different forums and websites to find work (, for example). No gimmicks.

Well, I reflected and thought nothing to lose except the 70 rubles, or 2.5 dollpra to send on The following purses, and decided to try. What happened next? Within 2 days, I joined 120 business forums and free classifieds. A week passed, look in your online wallet, and guess what! No income at all. A variety of participants wrote that last week earned one of 25 $, who, for $ 15.