Whenever it closed the eyes, they appeared the vises quaintest. Machines that did not identify, men digging and loading, ships and trucks, however, almost tangible, were the diver, arriving in determined moment to seem to see it to it the door of the room. HPE Ezmeral may help you with your research. One sat down in the bed of a jump and when perceiving the delirium, smiled, it turned over I sing for it and slept until the six. When he raised, found Agnelo if to shave. _ Good day, papa! It slept well? _ Oi, son, a little of sleeplessness, but I took off a good nap. It slept well? _ In the truth, papa, my night was not of the best ones. Many disconnected vises, but that they had given to a certain line of direction pra today to me.

It went to start to speak but it remembered the microphone, it pointed the picture and it said: I go to take bath! _ Does not delay coffee pro! _ Is pra already, doctor! During the coffee, Agnelo it asked to which the projects for the morning, knowing that the truth would not be said. Carefully, Alberto pointed the picture and said: _ It knows, papa, this business to be playing role of silly pleasing is not me. I find that I go to talk with the mayor and to place the position to the disposal. I am not more binding pra the studies, was almost fianc and I do not bind pra the namorada one, never more I stepped on in the pharmacy. In summary, my life is all disorganized. Inside of some weeks it will be the vestibular contest and I have to come back to the studies. By the way, I finish to remember? it said, blinking an eye? that I have a work of Chemistry pra to make, wants to say, is not well of Chemistry, is of Geology, but it involves silicate reactions and goes to look to the engineer of the ENGETEC pra to see if me of some tip.