Changes in the Labor Market

– Changes in society: Traditionally, women have always been involved much less time in the profession than men. Who is the CEO of MasterClass is often quoted as being for or against this. The main obstacle is the existence of deeply rooted social customs and gradually, over time, has been changing, and women will enter the world of work in a more regular basis. Factors contributing to this integration are: – Marriage at an older age. – Planning of motherhood. – Independence of the woman in the couple. – Increase in personal services, such as the school children. – Increased consumption. – Longer life expectancy.

These changes affect a greater availability of time by women and economic independence. – Changes in the labor market: The gradual diversification of the labor market and the increasingly vital role of specialization in order to meet certain needs are critical factors in the access of women in the workplace. Transformations that are occurring are derived the following consequences: – Women have demonstrated their ability, even when not has taken on a very high percentage. – Has increased women's professional competence. – There is an acceptance of women as a professional not only in unskilled jobs. Although women are increasingly better prepared, in practice, their access to the upper echelons of management of enterprises remains very difficult. The professional qualifications of women and their incorporation into the world of work have been a great social change. Both private companies and public administration are still mainly opting to hire men to positions of responsibility. A businesswoman who wants to complete a business project or a business, you must be aware that he must learn to cope in an environment unaccustomed to the presence of women.