Canon Print Head – IP3000 And IP5000

Canon print heads and handling. Tips and tricks as you get more from your Canon products. For several years, Canon uses permanent print heads. It may be necessary to clean it every now and then. The first step should be the maintenance option in the printer menu that allows to automatically clean the print head. This, however, significant amounts of ink are consumed so that you, if this option does not help, should go over to the manual cleaning of the Canon print heads, to avoid unnecessary costs. For this purpose, the cartridges out of the printer must be removed first.

Then, the print head can be found on most printer models from Canon, simply pull a gray lever. You should put this print head in distilled water. The contacts must not come here but in connection with water, to prevent defects of the print head. Normal water is less, because it contains lime, which can lead to deposits, the function by the Canon print head limit. Before to now put him in the printer, you should be as well wipe the printhead. After the installation you can automatic cleaning once again in the carry out of the printer.

If these measures do not lead to the desired success, it is possible, to clean the print head with alcohol or stubborn stains is to bathe. This does not help, the printhead needs to be replaced. Permanent print heads, this law can be expensive. If necessary, the print head in the context of the warranty of the device directly from the manufacturer can be replaced Canon. In any case, it is recommended to use only original ink as for damage caused by so-called cheap ink, all warranties exclude and often cause damage to the print head. A new print head can be purchased in the electronics store or in the numerous online shops. Also here an original should be used by Canon. Of course it is worth, Prices to compare. The print heads on the Internet are often less available.