Brackets Brackets

Other benefits of ventilated facades: Ventilated facades, lined with a variety of wall panels provide a second layer of sufficient strength as a protective shell. Ventilated facades, lined with ceramic granite, self-cleaning in windy weather. bearing wall that usually does not require any special training for installed on it ventilated structures. In addition, there is no need to put on the wall plaster. The restoration of old buildings, which typically move moisture from the inside out, the use of ventilated Facade eliminates the need for plaster. Ventilated facades can be easily repaired, quickly and simply replacing the slab.

The pre-planned placement of sutures is a lot of opportunities excellent decoration. Possibility of facade work at any time of year. Vented fronts are durable and need no maintenance, dramatically reducing the budget for maintenance of the building. From the above it becomes clear that the ventilated facades are contemporary designs that can be used for both new and renovated buildings. The main elements-facing design-facing design consists of brackets that attach directly to the wall, and bearing profiles, forming a skeletal system with special fastener elements mounted plates (sheets) cladding. 1.

Brackets Brackets are one of the key elements to ensure secure attachment to the product-carrying base. Mounting brackets to the wall provide special anchoring elements. Type dyupeley and screws, anchors, their diameter, the depth setting is selected depending on the load pulls and wall material, which is installed this attachment point. Brackets can form required distance between the wall and the facing material, which allows the necessary thickness of insulation.