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In the job extroverts are often preferred, when it comes to occupy a higher position. But why is that? In the job extroverts are often preferred, when it comes to occupy a higher position. But why is that? Extroverts are often loud, does not hold back with their opinion and put pressure on the employees. You have different characteristics than quieter and introverted contemporaries. You can make themselves better in the foreground than others and convince by their occurrence. In several studies, but, it was reported that just extroverted act too quickly and there are often catastrophic errors.

They invest without properly considering the consequences and thus endanger their personal progress. In the book “Still”, by Susain Cain, it comes mainly to look at these subtle differences and further the field of view to the introverted. Parents can identify at an early stage whether their children are more extroverted or introverted. In a study to baby BBs observed and analyzed, if they were surrounded by unusual noises. Baby BBs who in the noise remained calm and not to irritate, are classified as an extrovert. Baby BBs who felt particularly disturbed, path with the legs and began to scream and cry.

These are highly sensitive children and rather introverted. Introverts are quiet, think much and speak only when they have just checked everything and considered. Many famous Introverts have dealt in their childhood and early adolescence with their hobby BBs and were better for themselves than in a group. So completely opposed to the today introduced team meetings and brainstorming sessions. Also open-plan offices are indispensable at the present time. Milton Hershey School Careers: the source for more info. You were created to the employees to bring closer together and to promote the mutual exchange. But this is not the case. Proven that people who work in open-plan offices are more vulnerable to diseases, can quickly and too easily distracted and have also another increased blood pressure. Boss BBs so exactly consider, whether the well-being of employees is at the heart or just the profit. Employees can feel comfortable and focused working, are happier and better staff. And BBs should also be considered introverted when setting a higher occupied job. Franziska Samuel