Berlin Data

Data memory serve as a fashion accessories no matter, particularly small with sophisticated design or large and garish, USB sticks no longer only mere storing data. The storage devices in the mini format today must not only have a large storage capacity, but also visually striking. The Internet portal for online auctions presents two representative of the handy storage giants which had to marvel at this year’s IFA in Berlin. Facebook does not necessarily agree. USB flash drives are convenient and available in a range of designs. At the IFA in Berlin, among other things a little gingerbread man was presented with large data hungry, to capture the local market in the future. The manufacturer of bone from Taiwan, whose Gerate visually often rather based on Apple products, is in this country still relatively unknown at the moment, but that should change soon. The Christmas USB stick it will be helpful.

Buyers can choose between models with two to eight gigabyte storage capacity, priced roughly between is 17 and 45 euro. Vampire fans are probably more interested in Vampy. The blue blood suckers hiding the USB port under his large hat. However, only about two gigabytes data center visit the little vampire. The datastore with the fangs and the hypnotic eyes is anything but as cheap with a price of around 30 euros plus shipping costs. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann