Bennett McDowell Trading

Even something as safe as regular monitoring of news, with all its violence and drama, and horror stories, can after some time in the form the viewer’s belief system based on fear. Throw in crime movies and television, and it becomes clear why most people walk on Tsam looking around, fueled by thoughts based on fear, which manifest themselves in reality. So I say that you should protect your thoughts from manipulation by external forces and, instead, focus their energy on useful, pleasant thoughts, creating exactly the life you want, not the one someone else wants for you. However, it is also important to understand that you need to know and respond to risks of trading in financial markets. Michael Webster may help you with your research. For example, many promote ‘positive thinking’, ie If you have only positive thoughts and say only positive statements, then you will succeed.

While this may be a good start, it’s only a small part of what is really necessary for success. You must live in full understanding of reality. Let your positive beliefs lead you to take actions necessary for success. For traders, the entry into financial markets blindly and start trading simply because they think positively, to ignore the full range of all that is associated with trade in the markets. You must acknowledge both sides of the coin, good and bad, and react to fully understand this.

Responding only to the positive thoughts and anticipation that only positive results would make you not pay attention to risk control and, ultimately, would lead to your ruin. On the other hand, fear of loss will force you to respond with appropriate concern, negative attitudes and aggression, which is also destructive. In short, trading in the markets with a full understanding and without fear, anxiety and despair provide that balance, which manifests itself in a positive reality and creates a sense of confidence and well-being. Regardless of what type of trading system you decide to use, you will not be a successful trader if you do not trade with the appropriate mental attitude, knowing everything that bears the trade market, but, nevertheless, waiting for prosperity and success and acting without fear.