Bag Specialist Is A GmbH

The online shop starts with million investment in the new business year Wustermark/Berlin, January 2013 – the darn seventh year trick… The previously occurring einzelkaufmannische company is renamed WARDOW GmbH under the name. After the company annually has doubled its sales since 2010, the name change was the next logical step in the seven-year success story. The change of the form of business through outsourcing was already effective with the entry into the commercial register retroactively to the 01.04.2012. The domain will remain unchanged.

WARDOW’s recipe for continued growth or how it tricks the darn seventh year? as online boutique for leather goods in the premium and luxury segment with its carefully selected mix of established brands and newcomers among the big players in Germany. Until the change of the name, this was achieved without foreign capital, bank loans, and with a team of less than 15 full-time employees. In the early years was still every three weeks-new goods could even out of Italy, won the first manufacturer like Piquadro or BRIC’s for a direct sale. in 2005, discussions with suppliers were very tough. Many have not yet understood the potential of online distribution. The dealer was then healthy and worked so that the companies do not necessarily have searched for new distribution channels,”tells of WARDOW Danny Wardow, founder and Managing Director.

The company’s strategy to focus is high-quality and exclusive bags, luggage and accessories, from the outset on a niche pays today: as comprehensive industry knowledge and valuable expertise in E-commerce could be won. This and the organic growth of convinced by online sales alone in 2012 brands such as FURLA, Porsche design, Roberto Cavalli and Hugo Boss. The bridge was of preferred partner for online introducing of the brand at the Munich-based label Aigner and MCM and at the Italian luxury brand. The confidence of manufacturers and customers in the online trading Wardow is increased General”, confirmed. We have made our contribution to and us seven years under its own steam to the market leader for premium worked up bags and accessories.” 2013 Growth or what to do, if it is already running? After 2012, the ambitious goals, especially in the areas of portfolio and revenue were reached, 2013 is dedicated to the sustainable development and quality assurance. For the future Wardow explains: this year, many of our desire brands, especially discount brands of from well-known designers of luxury, are added. The goal here is to increase the average value of the shopping cart. “Also the European business will be expanded there is a shop in the UK already, a French shop is planned for the end of the year.” Sales development and the expansion of market leadership are still on the agenda of The company is selling WARDOW already in negotiations for the establishment of exclusive brands shops, where the range for the manufacturer will accept. For an even more attractive shopping experience, a relaunch is planned until the middle of the year. Already the expansion of storage capacity with a multi-storey shelf system and the doubling of the Office space is completed in the first quarter. More information at and upon request.