Back Pain

Back pain – one of the most common disease in people. Back pain is a very common pain, which can be described as widespread disease, since about 80% of the adult population suffer back pain at least once in life. While the causes of back pain and tense neck and back muscles are different. The medicine distinguishes between acute and chronic back pain, as well as aspezifischen and specific causes. Specific back problems it involves first and foremost known as herniated disks.

But other causes are associated with specific back problems such as vertebral fractures, so-called mechanical spinal and other bone diseases. Approximately 5% of patients suffer from this specific back pain. While the specific causes must be treated medically, milder forms of nonspecific back pain are usually daily companion of the suffering, without immediately will seek medical attention. Reasons are on the one hand, that the pain the daily Life does not affect, are of short duration, or the suffering is simply not large enough to seek medical care. The causes of the non-specific pain of the spine are varied and concern even diseases emanating from other parts of the body. So for example, dwarf skin inflammation or heart disease can cause first as back pain. The most common cause of pain in the spine are but “homemade”. Ergonomically incorrect reclining positions and unsuitable mattresses include as well as the classic deformity of the spine.

In the modern society, also the Office Chair for PC workstations, too low or too high seating position and posture back pain is a very common cause for bad back attitude and as a result. Also tension due to stress and congestion can cause strong lower back pain, especially if the first signals are ignored or misinterpreted. After all, are incorrect techniques for lifting heavy objects, as well as Hypothermia the back due to pain trigger widespread of passage. Lack of exercise for the long term to the weakening of the muscles of the back and as a result to back pain. It is therefore important to identify the causes and to be active, because untreated acute pain of the spine can become chronic back problems, which need to be treated with much time and expense. The healthy, upright posture includes on the one hand, to avoid one-off overloading of individual spinal areas. Strengthening the back muscles is also essential for the treatment – but also the prevention of back pain. So anyone who has problems with the back area and would like to actively do something about it, should explore the causes, combat habits, and develop a new “attitude” to his spine.