While the announcement is reduced only to the minute price announcement, and eliminates annoying enter PIN number and phone number. This works only if you deposited your number at the call-through provider. No Association of the shortcuts with the own number can be done differently. Cheap calls abroad using VoIP optionally some call-through provider also offer VoIP services. VoIP stands for “voice over Internet Protocol” and stands for what we refer to as Internet telephony in General. Voice over IP is for people, who call via call-through a handy addition if you accesses the Internet. This can be on the phone using a headset or microphone to the computer directly via the Web browser abroad at same price conditions, such as call-through calls to the call-through provider itself. The difference is that you have a direct dial over the Internet, based on the the cheap callthrough telephony finally.

This means that no parallel costs when mobile or fixed network provider, if one has no fixed flat rate for calling the dial-in numbers, or if it is even abroad and Germany would like to call. Dialing for Internet telephony or VoIP telephony is eliminated completely, regardless of which country you are located. Who a Fritz!Box router/PBX features can also the landline at home so configure that for numbers abroad this via Fritz!Box be automatically redirected via the Internet. As a result, it combines Fritz!Box this conversation about the VoIP protocol: SIP directly over the Internet. Also not dial through dial-up numbers here etc. needed. Anyone looking for a guide, how to make a Fritz!Box correctly for the callthrough service: DCalling establishes, info on call-through will find it. VoIP is especially useful, if it is longer from abroad, an Internet connection does or can use, or if you have a mobile data plan. You can call with appropriate Wi-Fi phones for example also on soft SIP clients and Wi-Fi hotspots directly over the Internet, so, as you would an ordinary phone call.