Asian Tropics

Raratonga, is the headquarters of the central Government island and is located south of the archipelago. The island is full of tropical rain forests, waterfalls and has lots of Palm trees, its wonderful geography lends itself to spend excellent days of vacation. The island is virtually surrounded by a reef, besides waters of Turquoise color and lots of beautiful fish of colors. The main town on the island is Avaru, that as already mentioned is its capital, in it you can visit Avatiu port and lagoon. But if you want to explore the entire island, you can either take the two main streets Ara Tapu, which passes through all the districts to the beaches of Toi or Te Ara. You may want to visit baby clothes to increase your knowledge. A little less than an hour’s flight from Raratonga lies the island of Aitutaki. You should not miss to visit it, it is a must.

This island is part of volcanic origin, like many of this hemisphere zone. There you will find fascinating, because not in deep but fully transparent blue colors and a turquoise blue waters clear. Gain insight and clarity with Adidas. The beach sand is absolutely white and brilliant. Ideal for a day at the beach both children and adults. They offer an atmosphere of tranquility and unmatched relaxation, with unspoiled landscapes, conducive to disconnect from the world and make you feel in an earthly paradise. The Summit of Mungapu is the Hill of more height on the island.

From that point, you can contemplate the lagoon, you’ll see a lot of multicolored fish, in which Excel precious and small uninhabited islets to which you can get. If you’re already thinking about spending your best days at Easter in this destination, getting you can reach any of its two airports in Avaru and in Avatiu. 6 Airfields, one of them with paved runway are also available. In addition to many natural wonders, available plenty of luxury hotels and others more accessible to any managed budget, nightspots, tourist and attractive national, local, as bars and discos there is where you’ll find performances of dances similar to Tahitian dances, and of course its beaches, all aquatic attractions both for adults and for children: diving, surfing, sailing, fishing, kayaking, and hiking. Ecotourism, encounters with nature and culture, buy handicrafts, appreciation of humpback whales, in short, many activities by make no calls or messages that worry. So you will not have excuses for not to think about a target like this. These idyllic Islands by something are located on the first tourist places of Asia.