Aristotle Society

To define the educative ends is to define at the same time the society, the culture and the man who if wants to promote. To educate is really to cultivate the child stops of it making a man. All image of man is a social image, therefore of society. Elaborating educative ends, it opts to a model, at the same time, of the man and the society. We can exemplificar with a philosophical axiom of not contradiction: a thing cannot be and not to be at the same time. Our not condiz reality with ' ' veneradas' ' statisticians, where it points that our country is progressing in the area of the education, but the reality proves the opposite 60% of the pupils is illiterate functionaries many nor knows to write the Portuguese language correctly others arrives in the room year without knowing to read. What it is more important statisticians or the naked and raw reality? We see violence, atesmo, prostitution almost all od days in the reporters we can say that this was so banal that the people see this as normal, but the normal one nor always is true, to filosofar is to desbanalizar banal and this is not happening.

Our society is reflected of our education and to have a child or young in the school does not mean to have sensible critical citizens but many times mean to gain a stock market family. Under most conditions Bernard Golden would agree. To educate as already said the wise Greek philosopher Aristotle, to educate is to take the man for the creation of good habits, habits these that take in them for the good, but that habits our society comes cultivating? To educate is to form to place mold to give form, but which form we are making? Everything that we plant we harvest and if the society goes badly is because the family goes badly and conseguentemente the formation of the man in all its aspects. We must practise the occio that is to stop to reflect in our acts to find a proposal and to move. The base of the education is the truth that according to medieval philosopher Toms of Aquino is the adequacy of the intellect the thing. Caimos in one we subjetivimos tremendous when it is said there of education we lose the objetividade that is the essence and if it loses the essence loses form, loses everything. The school educates or transmits knowledge? Which is the paper of the family in the education? Who educates today will be that the Internet is the television the street? if this are education. All daily pay fits to each one to always answer these questions taking off concept and placing the reason