Also Eieruhren

The good old alarm clock has integrated the alarm call. Stopwatches are equipped only with the function for the run-time measurement in contrast to the most digital clocks. Also Eieruhren are used exclusively for the measurement of time, in contrast to the stopwatch time is running but backward in countdown mode. World clocks display the time either or in parallel in different countries of the world. In watches valuable processed materials, therefore suitable watches of such as a very good investment. Beside luxury watches, also watches are often used as a status symbol. Distinctive after display type: Watch styles are differentiated by their display type, depending on whether the Watch has an analog dial, or whether the time is shown electronically as digital sequence of digits. Distinction according to material composition: classified according to the type of material used in different watch styles – for example, stainless steel watches, Platinum watches, silver watches, gold watches – watches.

Distinction according to target group: women’s watches differ from men’s watches usually, that the design is higher associated with is called the function. Digital clocks are usually very popular due to the additional functions as watches, while women’s watches minimal functionality is often sufficient, if convinced the clock in terms of design. At children’s watches, also great emphasis is placed on the design. So are various cartoon characters and TV heroes in children’s watches in the course. Very popular with children also bird or animal watches that mimic various bird or animal noises to each full hour – are similar to the cuckoo clock. Fashion watches are very popular especially among young people. So the fashion watch combines like fit as modern accessories to the clothes. In this context, the trend to the second watch. Using click systems, it is possible to design its own clock itself. There are no limits to creativity.