Agricultural Production

The main characteristics of the small production of the half-barren Brazilian are: introduction of industrialization in agriculture, predominance of familiar agriculture subutilizao of the agricultural space, predominance of the production of agricultural sorts destined to the subsistence. Familiar agriculture if configures as an activity practised for agriculturists in the subsistence direction, that is, the man plants for the consumption of its family. According to VESENTINI (2002, p.75): The main Brazilian farmings if develop in the great properties and destine its products to the exportation or the industrial transformation. clearly that the coffee, the sugar cane-of-sugar, the cotton, the cacao, the soy and the orange also are consumed internally. But the product of better quality is exported, being the worse one to the internal consumption. The author denounces that the products of better quality are destined to the external market and this finishes harming the consumption them people who they live in Brazil. FINAL CONSIDERAES One of the marcantes characteristics in the last times in the small agricultural production are the use of machines to assist in the production and to speed the harvest process.

In the small commercial agriculture and of subsistence, the modern equipment use and techniques occur in a well lesser degree that in the great commercial agriculture. The agricultural establishments have so great also very lesser. Most of the man power used in the small agriculture is familiar and the production is destined mainly, to the proper subsistence, that is, to the sustenance of the family, and to the commercialization in the domestic market. In some areas, small the average proprietors supply raw materials the industries. The great land concentration in the hand of minorities finishes harming the small production half-barren it, therefore poor they finish without having lands to cultivate and the rich ones possess unproductive lands.

According to PEIXOTO (1998, P.2) ' ' Currently, although the expansion of the agro-industrial complexes in the Brazilian economy the small production still presents an expressive participation in the food production ' '. With this we can say that the small agricultural production is important in the Brazilian scene and its value must be recognized. REFERENCES ALMEIDA, Lcia Marina Alves of. Geography: general geography and of Brazil. So Paulo: It stokes, 2005 VESENTINI, J.William. Critical geography So Paulo: It stokes, 2002 PEIXOTO, Sergio Elsio. The small Agricultural Production: some current questions. Magazine agricultural Bahia, v.2, November of 1998