Agricultural Familiar

Summary Currently the nets has been one of the used strategies to fortify the regional development. Learn more at: Mina Nada. In this direction, the present study if dirige to a specific case, the Net of the House, an association not legalized of Agricultural Familiar agroindstrias located in the region center of the state of the called Rio Grande Do Sul of Fourth Colony of Italian Immigration. The research, that was become fullfilled in 2009-2010, had as objective main to rescue the process of constitution of the Net of the House and to analyze as this net comes articulating its activities, in the direction to understand as if of a relation it enters the agents of local development. Metodologicamente, used of exploratria research with attainment of data through interviews with informer-keys, involving leaderships of the net of the house, municipal and professional public agents TO ABIDE. At as a moment, one searched to visit the enterprises and to interview its responsible ones, ahead analyzes allowing it of its practical speeches and of the NET. Throughout the dialogues, it was identified two of the main factors that hinder the consolidation of this organization: current sanitary normatizaes e; the organizacional conjuncture of the involved agents. The result of the study is a reflection around as these agents have joint and organization difficulties while institutions, organizations and individuals.

Considering this reflection they are considered of Words? key: familiar, agroindstria agriculture, nets. Abstract Currently the network has been one of the strategies used you strengthen regional development. Sense In this, this study addresses specific marries, the Network of the House not formalized association of small family farmers located in the central region of Rio Grande Do Sul called of Fourth Colony of Italian Immigration. The research was performed in 2009-2010 aimed you rescue the process leading you establishment of the Network of the House and examines how this network has been articulating its current activities in to order you understand how the relationship between local development agents.