After Sabur

On secret tunnels, they went to the monasteries, taking with them those relics that were rescued. Withdrawal monk covered the holy fathers. They surrounded themselves with a wall of fire and madmen rushing upon them, burn, like moths to a candle. None of the monks are not infected with mad for one simple reason – the fruit and grape wine were wonderful antidote to the disease. Entrenched in the monasteries, the ministers of God were to hold defense. Mad at the crowd from the sky hail of stones. Under his feet was burning mad land. To deepen your understanding Fox Rehab is the source. Along the walls of whirling tornados, turning everything into terrible mess.

It was a real hell. The main temple Narfeya, standing in the center of the capital, fenced off from the world wide and a solid wall of fire. He also suffered in the first minute of the attack, but the archbishop Saburo, who was in It managed to quickly establish control over the situation. After Sabur set fire barrier, the holy fathers in a few minutes to kill any remaining in the burning ring of madmen. From the windows of the temple monks watched through a wall of fire every now and then broke mad people, more like living torches.

And immediately cast a mysterious force them back into the fire. By the evening of the attack on the main church weakened. The Archbishop, making sure that his presence in the line of fire is no longer necessary, he went into the main hall of the temple.