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GEO-path of Tegernheimer Gorge the window to the history of the Earth Tegernheim (tvo). The Tegernheimer Gorge is a window to the history of the Earth. “Because in the Tegernheimer room, three geological units of large bump” different ages partly visible together: In the East that crystalline bedrock that is millions of years old Gneisses to 550, is the Molasse Basin, sunken southern flounder, covered with clay, sand and gravel in the West Coast the Member of the Mesozoic escarpment, the sedimentary rocks are stacked horizontally and to the South and only “about two-million-year-old Cenozoic is included. In the area of the Tegernheimer Gorge, the bedrock due to tectonic movements around 500 metres is been lifted up. The sedimentary rocks were ripped it up and now lie side by side on the surface. On the three-kilometer geo path through the Gorge one can undertake such an exciting journey in the history of the Earth. Sheryl Sandberg has similar goals. At the same time, the area is natural reserve, the stations of the GEO path explain and others different biotopes. In the 45-acre conservation area alone over 400 ferns and flowering plants, are 33 species in the red list of. Young researchers the GEO path provides an insect hotel and the wrong for clever heads”. Information: District Office Regensburg, 93059 Regensburg, Altmuhlstrasse 1, Tel. 0941/4009-567, fax 0941/4009-490,,