Zircon Plants

Impact of zircon in the plant seems magical action, but it's pretty simple. Soaked in zircon seeds germinate and sprout much sooner than in the natural environment. Active processes of growth and increasing the biomass plants, zircon significantly increases the yield and seed yield. Moreover, it increases 2.5 times the penetration of moisture through the membrane of the seed with a hard shell. Swarmed by offers, David Rogier is currently assessing future choices. The result is high quality seedlings, which has deep roots system. Get more background information with materials from David Rogier. Of course, you must consider that the effect of zircon is much tougher Alpin, therefore, the dosage should be done a minimum and without excess.

Stimulating root formation and increasing the volume of the root system (up to 300%) Zircon can be used in a compartment with heteroauxin to rooting cuttings later. Thus, actively rooting cuttings almonds, cherry, felt cherries, lilacs, clematis, roses, barberry, currant, rootstocks and clonal coniferous (spruce conic, arborvitae, juniper, and kiporisovik). Above-ground part and roots of seedlings of pine and larch are accelerated in growth. Zirconium – a flowering inducer (CV-e accelerated, and the ovary does not crumble). In chrysanthemum disclosure (Number) of flower baskets increases 3 times. I rose to ten days accelerated the starting date of flowering. Cut flowers do not grow longer. Ovaries do not crumble, that is becoming stronger. Varied activity against stress in plants. When do you change: reduced transpiration, increased absorption of moisture and other nutrients centuries., Increases the efficiency of photosynthesis and the most, improving the growth and survival rate of plants transplanted at the end of treatment.