Writing Tips

To create a program of action for the development of culture, arts, music and showbiz proposed ways to resolve the situation created in the culture, arts, music and entertainment business may be logical foundation program of action to develop these areas of human activities on national, subregional, or regional levels. Young and novice composer, poet, songwriter Tips for composing, polishing, arranging, publishing of music, writing new songs will help young and novice composer, poet, songwriter save a lot of time, effort and money. In particular, the Internet is full of the most controversial information, advice on ways and technologies of writing and processing of songs, often without regard to the objectives, challenges, opportunities. I reworked, to comprehend, has tried many of them. So you'd better learn from my errors. Lovers and lovers of beautiful new music and songs Finally, the information will be interesting and thoughtful, committed fans and lovers of beautiful new songs, and wishing to understand the "creative Kitchen of the process, to sort out their impressions of listening to music, to understand why some music or songs they like.

and others sickened. I look forward to feedback from stakeholders and the development of music song art by people I hope to feedback to the concerned development of music and song art people. I look forward to your response, your opinions. Excerpts from your letters, publications (with your permission) also hope to use in the process of discussion and debate. I apologize to those people who do not like my thoughts And another thing. I am writing this series of articles to share with others their experiences, observations, and knowledge. Show stress at every step in the modesty of the author's problem this cycle is not included.

So here I am the only time I apologize to those people who are my thoughts, evaluations, opinions, arguments as his art and the art of other people seem too arrogant, harsh, peremptory, etc. What I'm writing – only my personal opinion, I have not planted it to others. You may have a point of view, directly opposite my own, can give his assessment of me and my thoughts: it is your right. And my right – to write what I think, without a lot of reverence and ritual dances to appeasement of those who "something there for me can think. " Thanks, that was me. I love all and wish you all happiness, love and beautiful music.