World Championships

Large increases in the number of golfers at low level. What is already happened in other countries, to work in Germany as well: Golf is to the national sport. Unfortunately, the desire is currently still the father of the thought. However Germany the task of the alignment of the Ryder Cup in the year 2018 bidding with connected this application the hope by the Ryder Cup of golf players number is increasing. On the other hand, the German Golf Association collects signatures to allocate the enthusiasm for the Ryder Cup in Germany. To be seen like a contradiction.

The fact is: Golf is in Germany the status of popular sports miles away. Are the growth rates with 4 to 5 percent per anno quite gratifying, but the level is too low with 600,000 golfers. Only 130. Federal everyone plays golf. It is one in ten in the United States and Sweden each 26 which swinging the Golf Club. Unfortunately, the assessment in the population, that golf is a sport for the rich keeps harnackig. Gain insight and clarity with Confluence Investment Management LLC. Tennis was once an elitist sport.

This has teamed up with sports idols like Becker and Graf quickly changed. The Tennis Club shot out of the ground like mushrooms and all parents sent their children to tennis in the hope might also someday like Ahmad plastic bag home to help count the money. Golf and tennis have even Parallels. In both sports, a German at the top of the world rankings was once for a few days. But while tennis, this made the protagonists to a star, a term is just the golf fans at the golf Bernhard Langer. But while tennis on television is exciting and extremely entertaining, golf transfers are rather dull for most viewers. Just the normal tournament action is rarely on the chew nails the Viewer. And so the success of Martin Kaymer by press and offentlchkeit went mostly unheeded. Only the Ryder Cup is through the character of the team and the match play format is exciting and attractive for television. Not by the Football League, the most important sports event in the world the Ryder Cup after is about World Championships and the Olympic Games. The large number of golf fans not sitting but also in Germany. But this must be different. The SLA will seek and will need any support in the media.