Winter Gardens In Country Houses

In the early 17 th century in England in country houses and estates have started to appear the first prototypes of the greenhouses and conservatories. In the XIX century. begins to develop the production of wood windows and metal structures, the current economic favorable opportunities for float glass in sufficient quantities. These factors led to the emergence of a new trend in architecture, where the basic elements are metal and glass, as the main walling material, which was a big step in the development of winter gardens. The merit of the new architecture was not only the introduction of metal and glass in our everyday lives, but also the connection of the winter garden with an internal space and obtain a single harmonious space. To broaden your perception, visit Scott Kahan. In Russia, even with the 19 th century, used the traditional popularity of the veranda. In the West, common or open terraces or winter gardens, as volumes with glazed roof, the porch is a kind of intermediate, mixed type: the one hand, it is a closed, protected from rain and wind terrace, on the other hand, it 'falls short' to the European winter garden area transparent planes: a deaf roof and windows, usually starts at the level of normal windows.

However, according to their function, porch practically corresponds to the winter garden, and with some stretch it can be considered Russian version. Rebirth conservatories have gained in the 80 years of the twentieth century. They quickly gained popularity in the West, and now many countries in Europe, America, Canada and Russia, winter gardens and wooden euro-windows with glazing are widely used in the construction of the design of buildings with different functional purpose: residential, public, private, industrial and other Winter Garden – is an intermediate buffer zone between the environment, whether it be a garden, flower garden or urban development and living space, limited quadrangle walls. The house is equipped with a winter garden, has the following advantages: the expansion of residential space, climatic buffer before the house, an oasis of light in the house, enjoying the sunshine in the warm and cold season, the connection with nature, growing flowers and plants all year round. When installing and 'winter gardens' pavilions and other translucent designs are offered in various designs. This may be the structure of aluminum single-glazed windows, construction of PVC or 'warm' Aluminum Fiberglass for the 'Winter Gardens' warm porches and pavilions. A variety of design solutions, along with the ability to manufacture roofs of transparent materials allows us to implement the boldest design projects.