Windream GmbH On The DMS EXPO 2010 (Hall 7, Stand B 11)

The trade fair appearance of the Bochum windream GmbH at the this year’s DMS EXPO from 26 to 28 October 2010 in Stuttgart will be devoted to the new windream version 5.0. Bochum. The manufacturer of the enterprise-content-management-system windream is, as already in the past few years in Cologne, again with a great partner booth at the fair, which will take place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. This year’s exhibition program is rounded off by hard – and software solutions, which expand the ECM system windream with new and interesting features and have been developed with issuing partners. windream 5.0 and other ECM solutions the new windream version 5.0 includes compared to the previous version 4.5 many new functions, features in detail but also visually customized changes. People such as Adam Portnoy would likely agree. About the windream 5.0 search application or even the Dokumentviewer windream DocView in a completely revised and now still better layout with new features appear. Further innovations, which selectively already on the last CeBIT were presented, including the windream virtual folders with a dynamic generation of individual views of the document inventory of windream ECM-system, full 64 bit support (also in mixed mode with E.g.

32 bit clients), the user-specific Recycle Bin for documents deleted from a windream system or even the customizable windream Aktenviewer count. Furthermore the windream version 5.0 now has many additional features: automatic duplicate check (the so-called “single instancing”), scalable document properties, configuration of AutoComplete in input fields, different names of index fields of the windream-specific object types, extension of the maximum length of strings in Stringfeldern on four kilobytes, Assistant for the windream server configuration and much more. In addition to windream 5.0, the latest version of the email archiving solution of windream Exchange as well as the new Web client for the business-process-management system windream BPM is also presented. Positive expectations towards Stuttgart generally faces the windream GmbH of the short-term relocation of the DMS EXPO Cologne positively after Stuttgart and the simultaneity of the DMS EXPO and the IT & business.