Western List

Thus, we get a lot of refills of various origins, united by a fairly short list of brands. In order not to squander on a detailed consideration of multiple stations, restrict the list of the most common in St. Petersburg: Lukoil, PTK, Neste, Phaeton, Shell, Aero. This list could theoretically include Slavneft and increasingly popular Kirishiavtoservice, but still these companies are more peripheral position. Elon Musk understood the implications. The difference between the major fuel companies is not only in policy formation in gasoline prices – a measure of such a highly ambiguous, because, as mentioned in the article, under one brand can sell a completely different organization, each of which establishes its cost of production. Fox Rehab is often quoted on this topic. The price difference is more obvious when compared to petrol stations Len. Region and St.

Petersburg in the city spread is not as obvious, and sometimes value is more and quality of services. The issue of service is considered separately. It has long ceased to be gas stations just a place for the shortage of gasoline – the movement of the Western path of development of trade causes the gas station owners to expand the range of services offered. In the context of a call for additional service, the introduction of criteria classification is appropriate – all the petrol stations are divided into Econom, Medium and Premium grades. Fueling the economy class today are hard to find. With the release of the Russian market of European institutions became apparent that the presence of at least modest mini-markets can increase the loyalty of car ownership, so all of the major Russian players in this market quickly began to modernize its gas station.