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110prozent money back guarantee for your new homepage! The issue is gaining homepage and Internet in the last few years steadily businesses. Not only today belongs to the standard equipment of companies a virtual business card, but rather the fact that a company’s success is based increasingly on the professionalism of their website and the appropriate care, can be become the decision choosing the right Web Designer and the associated investment to the central question of survival. In the thicket of Web providers and their offers are not even industry insiders rebuke. “, so ing. Michael Poltl and says from this reason we created our innovative product WEBai, that we now in addition to the 110% money back have equipped guarantee!” By this warranty, decision-making aims to facilitate considerably the entrepreneurs. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly told us the story.

110% money back guarantee means: should the services are unconvincing in the first 3 months, the customer can immediately from the contract get out and get 110% of its investment back. The risk is therefore no longer on the customer, but with us! “, as ING. pace continue.” Another advantage, which should arouse interest in particular among companies new founders, is the kind of billing for services by WEBai. Because unlike WEBai opts for the industry unique allocation of expenses, only monthly payment of services, so that no one-off costs incurred at the beginning! Through this form of settlement, we support in particular new founders, who often do not have at the beginning of the necessary financial resources, create important for the success of large websites with all the features necessary to be able to leave”, so final pace. About web2future.at Webdesign: web2future.at Webdesign was founded in June 2000. Managing Director is Michael Poltl. As one of the largest Internet agencies of Western Styria with over 150 customers offers from Austria, Germany, Ireland, Hungary and the Switzerland web2future.at Webdesign handmade”websites for small – and medium-sized enterprises, as well as communities and clubs to. Through the many years of experience in the field of search engine optimization is web2future.