Wall Street Journal

Beyond the structural reforms that must take ahead Mexico to fortify their economy, immediately it is clear that its recovery inevitably is tied to the luck of the USA. In relation to it, it is possible to be taken like a good one notifies the last originating economic data of the American economy that they encourage the hopes of which the economic recovery could take place in that one country before the conclusion of the 2009. According to the realised relief the week last through Wall Street Journal between 54 economists, the same hope that the recession finalizes less than in six months in the United States. In this way, at the beginning of October to the economic recovery in North America and in this way to the hope in the rest of the world would be being been giving rise. Still something smaller is discussed if the recovery of the economy of the United States will take place of an abrupt or moderate way (in the form of V or of L), not to anticipate its impact on the Mexican economy. If the recovery of the American economy takes place towards end of the third trimester of the present year, it is possible to be hoped that their effects are seen on the Mexican economy towards 2010 beginnings.

Thus, the recovery of the economy of Mexico will be explained largely through its external sector, and particularly, in the producing companies of goods of consumption. The producing industrial sector of durable goods will logically delay a time more in its recovery. The recovery of the Mexican external sector will reinforce the recovery of the domestic demand that will benefit to the producing sector of services and the one of consumer goods (also the producing sector of durable goods will have here to wait for a time more for its recovery). Within the producing food companies, the Group Bimbo SAP of CB (BMV: BIMBO; OTC: GRBMF), promises an interesting growth that will be reflected in the value of its actions. The Bimbo Group is in top 10 of the ranking of Latin companies elaborated by America Economy and is in the heat of stage of expansion in the Chinese market, in which it has penetrated in 2006. The company has presence in 18 countries of America, Europe and Asia, counts on near 5.000 products and more than 150 marks of recognized prestige. At the end of January of the present year, the Bimbo Group concluded the acquisition of company Weston Inc. Food, turning to the subsidiary of the group (well-known like Bimbo Bakeries the USA BBU-), in one of the bigger panificadoras companies of the USA.

In spite of the crisis, the Bimbo Group has managed to maintain its growth. In the fourth trimester of 2008, the company registered an increase in its sales of 15.1% and an increase of 31.1% in the inter-annual majority net utility, in spite of the crisis context that was deepened in this period. Additionally, the company increased towards end of 2008 its position of cash in a 84.9% in relation to the 2007, which increases its strength in a context of tension that makes difficult the access to the financing.