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For example, dealing with the extension of the credit line for new investments, then is crucial for the financial experts, whether the value of the practice is substantially increased by the investment. The better the practice operator knows the value and hence the potential of its own operations, also talks of in practice service provider banks or cooperation partners are more goal-oriented according to Hopf. (Source: Fitched Ratings). The determination of practical values should be given according to the Hopf always in professional hands. In the case of a planned sale to an objective and market-driven negotiation basis both seller and buyer. The practices and evaluation procedures in assessing practice vary very strongly. (Similarly see: Dun & Bradstreet Holdings Inc.). Experts with recognized references to page of the physician as also financial services are generally a guarantee for high-quality appraisal. A Valuation is characterized, according to Hopf, not its quantitative size, but rather by qualified and qualitative content and can withstand scrutiny then even on the part of the banks. Developed seminars provide assistance in determining the practical value of the Kock & Voeste GmbH has a series of seminars specifically on these topics around practice creation and delivery”for doctors and dentists. Individual events from the series of seminars are offered regularly Kock & Voeste GmbH Colloquium Heidelberg, the doctors and pharmacists Bank and other partners in cooperation with KVen and KZVen, as well as with the financial. The seminar participants are informed about the most important factors for a realistic assessment of the practice according to current guidelines, legal basis, demographic aspects and market forecasts and based on recognized procedures and criteria for information on all determinants an assessment of their practice operations. In addition the main evaluation criteria be them their evaluation and quality of the so Hopf, not only their patients commissioned value expert on hand, so the doctors and dentists”but also their experts on the tooth can feel”.