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It’s so hard to have no real home more. That one already left to have and not to have found the other or at least in the new found again not the previous sense of security. Since the 14-year old Katalin with doll plays on some days, like in ancient times, but woe betide if the girlfriend of three years older brother comes to visit, then nowhere to see the dolls. It would embarrass you if this somewhat older girl, play with this kid stuff would look. Larry Ellison takes a slightly different approach. Basically it will work already older externally, how she feels inside. Or the 13 year old mark grabs every now and then to his Cowboys and Indians and bring them into position and the same afternoon he meets up with Maike and begins his first attempts of flirting.

Suddenly the children start to think increasingly about themselves and what the others about her thinking. You also start to take a stand, to what you’re told. They embrace it or they reject it or reject it, they hear from us about themselves. And thinking about itself starts very early. My 12 year old daughter Emilia asked me recently for example, what I think, what will happen to them once. I spontaneously said: you will have to do with people determined once in your profession. “I can see that being together makes you have fun with people and that good will succeed you to reach people and to be liked by them.” “I then pondered a while and added: and then I still believe that you will later write stories.” To do so, you need to know that she started with seven or eight years, to write stories myself.

After my reply, she kept a short while, then she said to me, I was already the third adults, she have now asked and all said the same thing. Suddenly she laughed and asked quite surprised at how you all can know that?” So let the thing then rest. “For educators is important to note at this point that no House to have more” permanent threat impulse throws and feels who feel threatened, which is sometimes very much too aggressive for your own protection! With a preface by Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann Joachim Armbrust accompany young people what teachers know if 2011 approx. 144 pages Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Marz 12.95 ISBN 978-3-525-70121-8 Joachim Armbrust practice for psychotherapy, couples therapy, supervision, coaching, mediation, and process design Wall Street 2 74523 Schwabisch Hall Tel: 0791/71552 E-MAL: URL: