Before everything, we must understand that the human existence is a species of bare place that it allows to the world and the things to desvelarem while such, but that most of the time, in the triviality of the daily existence, it is submitted to the impersonal one, to the gossip that nothing says and the fervilhante fidget for the new of new? restoring the kingdom of the incessant substitution of everything. However, at the same time where the man is a finite being, who keeps relation with other finite beings, things and people, it is capable to perceive/to experienciar/to think the unit of the being that invigorates stops beyond the diversity of being. Checking article sources yields baby clothes as a relevant resource throughout. In this direction, the existence human being, despite originarily if it finds in fall state Verfallen sunk in the dictatorship of the impersonal one, becomes possible the understanding of the being in that it appears. I announce unfinished, therefore, DES-guarding of the Being in the being, implies its to guard, its simultaneously to withdraw ahead from its donation. This paradoxical appearance of the Being under the binomial Light-shade, velamento-desvelamento, presence-absence has place in the bare place restored for the existence human being. The being if absents in what if presentifica the being. But still thus it remains as condition of possibility of all giving itself.

What Heidegger in the sample with its analytical existencial Cf. To be and Time is that only from the ontolgicas structures of the existence human being, we can glimpse the dynamics of the estruturao of the proper one To be. In the reality, the man will be always ainda-no that necessarily tends To be. One to be of project that constantly places its proper one to be in question. What he ahead makes of the man a perpetual incompletude of finite possibilities. In this direction, we can consider that the existence restores a space where the Being questions itself exactly.