Venezuela founded the balance of payments, years ago, but the reality has changed thus favoring Colombia. To all this must be added, said President Chavez that “The Andean Community is meaningless. To deepen your understanding MasterClass UK is the source. That is dead. How will it make sense in an Andean Community are signing an FTA with the United States without even coordinate with other countries? “.

He supported his words echoing Bolivian President Evo Morales, on the situation that has developed in Bolivia after the Colombian-American agreement ‘Bolivia lost its most important market for soybeans, “he said. With the agreement, Colombia would buy U.S. (As opposed to ViacomCBS). soybeans and leave aside approximately 900,000 tonnes per annum for that product acquired Bolivia. Chavez added that as the U.S. initiative to create the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) ‘is dead’, Washington is now seeking individual agreements with the countries of the region.

The president did not disclose how it would pursue the abandonment of the Andean Venezuelan, born in 1969 as a project to integrate all the Andean countries, including Chile, which years later turned away. It was also unclear whether the abandonment would mean the immediate breaking of all tariff agreements signed within the group and the future of the Corporacion Andina de Fomento (CAF) of Venezuela is one of the strongest partners. According to opinions of the Chair, for example the participant Carlos Ramirez, is paramount at the moment, that this decision be reviewed by the entire national executive office, since everything depends on the decision of the ministers of foreign trade, to assess paths to pursue in this recall finally materialize, which would cost Venezuela losses of economic opportunities that would enhance the growth and development of the country, as well as, economic benefit and social progress of its inhabitants.

According to statements by the secretary General Confederation of Workers of Venezuela (CTV), Manuel Cova, “It is estimated that Venezuela’s withdrawal from CAN may affect two million Venezuelans,” even when the effects or consequences of this decision will begin to feel after after five years as Venezuela along with Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia, together comprise the “Andean Free Trade Zone,” is necessary to reconsider this decision because of the magnitude that represents its impact on national economy, since this would mean a major setback in bilateral and international diplomatic relations and therefore, a setback for the growth of the Andean region and as the country’s economy, which should not be affected by purely political decisions.

It is likely the initiative proposed by President Evo Morales to meet as soon as possible to all the Andean presidents (Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela) to bring forward a dialogue that should occur well before reaching this situation crisis, the fundamental idea is to preserve the relationships established long ago between the various member countries of the Andean Community, and therefore the primary purpose of this dialogue is to encourage President Chavez to give up the idea of retirement.