Vehicles CNG Terrestrial

The engine oil and lubricants experts offer LPG special oils for vehicles (CNG) Earth, (LPG). Driver and environmental benefit of the decision for gas driving. On closer inspection however, a downer spoils the spirit of optimism: with increasing distribution of LPG and CNG fuel accumulating reported technical problems which tarnish the pleasure of good driving. Operation with a CNG or LPG makes much higher demands on the engine when this is the case of the combustion of petrol: while conventional gasoline liquid is injected and only evaporates in the intake manifold of the engine, there to develop a cooling effect, enter CNG and LPG gas already in the combustion chamber and the cooling effect planned by the designers is formed. Also, the so-called detergents are missing in gas mode.

This cleaning-active substances that are mixed with the usual liquid fuels during the production process, ensure the petrol be sure oil coal and ash formation on the intake valve of the combustion chamber reduced or completely avoided. Exactly these residues but are ones that spoil the pleasure of driving the able of alternative fuel concepts in many cases. At, you will receive a new product line of Mannheimer Fuchs Europe lubricants GmbH, which ensures redress when problems. Through their, on the higher combustion temperatures matched, additive formulation, the oils are titanium SYN Pro gas 10W-40, titanium GT 1 Pro gas 5W-40 and titanium GT 1 per gas 5W-30 for use in vehicles designed, powered by natural gas or LPG. A look at the whitelist of the carmaker confirms it is actually useful for drivers of CNG and LPG vehicles, or whose service workshops, to change from the conventional oils on the specialized lubricants from Mannheim. Because although the CNG or LPG operation is significantly higher demands on the engine, remains the recommendation of a Motorenoles in the most Cases unchanged. With the, at available, new product line the Fuchs Europe lubricants GmbH now offers a sensible alternative for older vehicles, which were subsequently converted for operation with natural gas or LPG (Titanium SYN Pro gas 10W-40) as well as for conversion of the modern generation of engines or new LPG or CNG vehicles (Titanium GT 1 Pro gas 5W-40, titanium GT 1 Pro gas 5W-30).