Use A Journal For Self-discovery And Expression

As a therapist, often suggest to clients to explore their feelings and thoughts in a diary. Sometimes clients ask for a little direction with this process. a Those are some ideas daily if you're not sure where to start: 1. Write down what happened today and how you feel about it. 2. Write a letter to a person who is angry. Say what you feel and has wanted to have the nerve to say. 3.

Draw a picture of the person who wrote the letter in # 2. 4. Make a list of all the things you are grateful. A list of all the big things, all the little things, and all else you can imagine. 5. Circle the three most important things on the list you made in # 4.

Write a paragraph for each, thanking the person who had the greatest influence on him. If possible, make this a real letter and send it. 6. Make a list of things that you feel annoyed by now. Score as many as you may think until I can not think of anything else. Then select the top five. 7. For each of the five things that you identified in # 6, the list of 10 things you can do to gain control of the situation. Circle of the top three in each list. 8. Make a timeline that represents your life. Stuff it with the most significant events that have shaped you: his early years, teenage years, and every decade that has followed.