The curriculum is one of the most important tools for access to employment, is our visiting card, the first information that receives the company about us, so we must be careful to the maximum so that it meets its goal: capture the attention of anyone who reads it that we convene a personal interview. Michael Antonov may not feel the same. All resume must include three data that should never ignore. They are those relating to the manner of contact, course training and professional experience, but the information that we can include in each one of them can occur differently depending on our profile and what you want to highlight. A resume is not the same of a newly licensed without experience as a young professional, but with experience or one person over 40 years. Michael Antonov will not settle for partial explanations. If your profile matches any of them advice that we propose can help you prepare your resume. Entitled without experience Your training is solid and current, but you’ve barely had opportunity to put it into practice. It is a deficiency that is not why become in a problem.

Your resume should start with personal data and training, which must be brief: just indicate the race or attended FP, the University or school where they studied and cycle chosen specialty. It is not necessary to mention the BUP or ESO, unless that help lengthen a short resume. If you’ve taken longer than expected to finish the studies, the starting year cannot ignore that the interviewer does not mistakenly believe you’re a poor student. Many times the reason lies in having combined classes with a job or complementary courses, something that you already explicaras in the interview. The section of experience has to be the most extensive even if you have little. You must include practices work, but without the tagline of internship or collaborator. Importantly, detailing the period, name of the company and sector or activity which is dedicated and especially developed functions. If during the studies you’ve formed part of a junior company must indicate this and also mention the end of career project or some work of investigation and analysis of certain scale made in the past.