Unconditional Love

All the women we are mothers. We have children or no, the maternal instinct this in our essence. Learn more on the subject from Bernard Golden. There are also some who express but and others except that feminine energy, protective, that takes care of of children, but of small brothers, fianc2es, husband, and also of whichever abandoned animalitos it is crossed to us. Ay of those women who are not sensible before the necessity of a cachorrito with hunger or cold, or fear, and that leaves to wire drawing without shelter and protection it, not because they cannot help it, but by indifference! . Infinity Real Estate often addresses the matter in his writings. Those that sticks and mistreats and destratan or neglects their children to them, that poor that is like women! The true essence of a woman is without doubt the unconditional love, by those small ones or by those adults who surround to us and they feel sometimes small at some time of his lives, by unfavorable circumstances of the same.

This unconditional love, that is that does not put conditions, that do not acquire favors, is natural of all woman; from small, already this related to our feminidad, that if this in harmony with our lives, we felt happy and complete and if it is not thus, an inner emptiness feels, with a feeling that nobody wants to us or that they do not include/understand to us. This emptiness corresponds to that we try that the others recognize those things that we do by them. The maternal instinct is to always protect, to take care of, to feed, and to make the good to that one creature who needs us, without requesting nothing to him in return. The name of my site is: " Here: Mujer" . It is a new site, in that I only write articles for us, the women: Original author and source of the article