Alas, such a figure for Refrigerator remains above the clouds. Sales grew in all market segments, with the exception of large home appliances and electronics, which showed negative growth. Refrigerators in early 2010 fell sales by 14,7%. On the other hand, a few years until the loans are actively worked, buyers have already provide for themselves as refrigerators and other appliances. From what we can conclude that the next surge consumer demand come a very long time. Although, in spite of the above factors, recent high demand model of foreign manufacturers. People tend to buy models of middle and higher middle segment. The company lg, for example, produces a range of models with handles inlaid stones .

The price for such a refinement of domestic appliances around 4000 U.S. dollars. Demand for these models at the level of interest, but, nevertheless, remains constant. As time has changed and the approach of buyers when choosing a refrigerator. Proposals in this category, weight, firms compete not only on price but also many other parameters. From this the user can afford to be very picky and demanding. Besides the standard set of parameters – price, brand, size, location of freezers, focuses on design, availability of secondary functions (such as ability to write on the surface of the refrigerator in a series of special markers Graffity from Indesit). Consumers also pay attention to the class of conservation. In Ukraine, people are often at home is a class B, Sales A distributed class, while Europe moves into classes A + and A + +.