Types Of Plastic Cards

By | May 24, 2016

Nowadays, thanks to the introduction of modern technologies, the scope of the use of plastic cards has grown significantly. Cards are widely used in loyalty programs, allow for cashless payments personal identification, as well as perform other useful functions. Plastic cards can perform many tasks, implementation of which depends on their functionality and performance. Gift Card Plastic card fixed amount (500 rub., 1000 rub., 5000 rub. Etc.), which bought as a gift.

Get this card in the gift can choose an item from an assortment of stores amounting to denomination cards. If the buyer wants to spend more – it produces an extra charge in cash or in any other way. This form of advertising cards cards used for advertising purposes. The plastic card in favor of a person and includes any advertising information about it. On these maps can be made business cards, company calendars, which can serve as advertising and pleasant souvenir. Discount Cards As a rule, these types of cards are used in providing attracting and retaining new customers. Functional and technical specifications of cards used may vary depending on the assumed discount system, which in turn provides Promoting competent client.

This can be fixed discounts or intricate storage system that requires serious technical base. Smart-cards each smart-card contains an embedded microprocessor that implements complex algorithms for coding information. On a semiconductor chip smart-cards is available only memory (ROM), in which the protection team for the processor, memory (RAM), used as a work; rewritable memory (EEPROM) for reading and writing information from the outside and the processor.

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