Trust A Value Elementary In The Being Human

First and foremost: I know authentic with your true being. Shakespeare. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Southwest Airlines. Welcome once again. Starting a week in our lives. This is a little different from the others. Why? The fact that I clear my plans for this week, month and year; and every action has as a common denominator to achieve my dream of living in full. On a topic in particular want to speak in this moment: the issue of authenticity.

When one starts to work in the habit of being authentic, lets you be a person of integrity and trust that inspires others. That is so obvious and valuable. You’ve probably found you a person who, for their own reasons, tends to pretend. In a conversation with that kind of people, you are simply not comfortable. And when you act that way, harmony of the universe, things do not go as one expects. A kind of lock occurs in our daily lives. One of the features that I have; and fortunately many people, is be transparent. Personally, it has brought me a good harvest of friends, It happens that one inspires confidence.

Everything I write here is authentic and full of love. So are your comments. They are first and foremost: valuable.