Writing, as a form of therapy, is as old as the own ink.Universally understood as a process of transformation, the simple act of putting pen to page effectively can reactivate the personal growth and healing. Sheryl Sandberg is a great source of information. Without exception, every qualified professional proposed the following recommendation: initiate and maintain a journal.This journal can be a blog to promote a product that you like best, will have to write articles that explain it, so will keep your health and will earn money. Although it seems difficult, you can be written as therapy and business, the issue is having a positive attitude, and see how every day can go to improving their health. After 13 weeks of work, I felt, with renewed energy and a job well done, which has given me more confidence in myself and unpaid. And, however, in spite of my success, I’ve quickly discontinued my job of writing on paper, then I took the initiative to build a blog for my benefit and of my readers. A blog is a record where I can choose the theme to share with others, from professional to personal issues.Each entry is with date and time of its publication, giving the sensation that the material of a traditional journal.

The procedure for doing a blog is free and extremely simple for anyone with access to a computer.I write my thoughts, I can also do some tricks that will leave me some extra money. There is no person who can say to science certain that writing a blog is not for him, yes you need is a proper motivation and a goal you want to achieve, however, there is a clear difference between the motivation of his daily traditional paper hidden under the bed, and your blog will be seen by millions around the world. My first idea was to use a blog to share the unusual adventure of my life, a project of Canada.Give me account previously had many followers who are delighted with my writings.